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HOTEL - a facility providing hotel services in accordance with the categorisation.

GUEST - a customer making a reservation, i.e. ordering an accommodation service along with a set of additional benefits.

INITIAL RESERVATION - a request from the guest about the possibility of booking accommodation services (available dates, availability of a specific type of room) made personally, by phone, or in electronic form: by e-mail or via Facebook.

RESERVATION CONFIRMED - NOT GUARANTEED – a reservation confirmed in writing in electronic form, which the hotel will maintain within 7 days from the date of sending the confirmation of accepting the reservation by the hotel.

RESERVATION CONFIRMED - GUARANTEED - reservation confirmed by prepayment means that the services ordered will be ready for the arrival of the guest within the set time. The guest can start their stay at 3pm on the first day of the booked stay.

STANDARD OFFER - a type of reservation, which can be canceled free of charge up to 7 days before the set date of arrival. Requires a 30% prepayment.

NON-REFUNDABLE OFFER - a type of reservation which requires 100% prepayment, but the cost of the accommodation service is 5% cheaper compared to the standard offer. The offer is only active at selected dates. Non-refundable booking is not subject to cancellation.


1.1 A request or notification gains initial reservation status if it meets the following requirements:

  1. contains complete information about the person making the reservation (name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address)
  2. date of stay
  3. number of people (if there are people on extra beds it is necessary to specify their age)
  4. type of required services - room type, board, possible information about the ordered package

1.2 Initial reservation is not binding for the hotel in any way until it has been confirmed in writing by the hotel.

1.3 Reservations made for more than 3 rooms are considered as group reservations. Any group stay conditions are set individually for each inquiry.



2.1 The reservation can be confirmed orally (by phone or in person), but always a written confirmation is sent to the guest's address, including specification of all reservation conditions (date, number of guests, price, benefits).

2.2 The confirmation contains the calculation of the price of the stay (based on the booking described in point 1.1) expressed in PLN with the calculated VAT tax. The calculation also includes:

  1. information about the local fee along with its amount for a given stay
  2. information on the amount of prepayment required for services.

2.3 Confirmation sent by the hotel to the guest means that the reservation gained a status of a confirmed-non-guaranteed reservation.



3.1 The guest is obliged to provide the hotel with a prepayment not later than within 7 days from receiving the confirmation of the non-guaranteed reservation. The amount of prepayment is stated in the booking confirmation sent to the guest, and is not less than 30% for standard offers and 100% for non-refundable offers.

3.2 After posting the prepayment, the reservation gains a confirmed-guaranteed status. The dates of stay, the value of the order and benefits are binding for both parties, i.e. for the hotel and for the guest.



4.1 At the latest on the day of arrival, but before the start of the stay, the guest is obliged to pay the remaining balance.

4.2 In the event of the impossibility of payment, it is possible to secure the payment by blocking the amount due on the client's account (pre-authorisation of the credit card).

4.3 Payment of the total amount due for the stay is the conclusion of a contract between the hotel and the guest.



5.1 The guest may cancel the stay at any time, in accordance with cancellation conditions specified in the booking confirmation.

5.2 Cancellation of a confirmed-non-guaranteed reservation - a lack of prepayment made to the hotel's account within the prescribed period means the guest's resignation from the order of services and on this basis the hotel has the right to cancel the reservation without having to contact the guest.

5.3 Cancellation of a confirmed-guaranteed booking (after making a prepayment).

  1. Standard offers can be canceled free of charge up to 7 days before the set date of arrival. After this date, the hotel has the right to withhold the prepayment as compensation for the unrealised order.
  2. Non-refundable offers are not subject to cancellation.
  3. If the prepayment is not refundable and the Guest can not realise his / her stay within the prescribed period due to important reasons, then he / she may apply for a change of the booking date, subject to the availability of rooms and prices valid in the newly chosen date. A change of date can not expose a hotel to losses. The postulate of the guest changing the date of stay is not binding for the hotel. If the parties reach an agreement, the change of the date requires a written confirmation, otherwise it will be null and void.
  4. No-show at the hotel on the day of the stay (without informing the hotel) is treated as a cancellation.

5.4 Refusal to pay 100% of the value of the reservation prior to the commencement of stay is treated as a withdrawal from the contract by the guest. The hotel has the right to cancel the reservation and to keep the prepayment.

5.5 In case of cancellation of a part of stay (shortening the stay) by the guest, the hotel does not reimburse the cost due to unilateral withdrawal from the concluded contract.



Disputes between the guest and the hotel will be dealt with by the court competent for the hotel headquarters.