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Did you know that we only need 3 weeks to develop a habit? If you start practicing during a 2-week holidays and you'll continue your workouts for a few days after coming back home, the chance that you will persevere and enjoy all the benefits spot gives is much higher.

1 hour training 3 - 4 times a week can protect you from obesity, edema, implantation of artificial joints and hips, osteoporosis, aging. As a bonus you will get firm skin, delayed wrinkles, beautiful figure, physical strength and endurance./p>

Start working out for health and beauty.


Heart and circulatory system

Everyone knows that movement is good for the heart, but not everyone knows why. Well, blood circulates because the pump - the heart - works. But there are parts of the body far enough away from it (for example legs) that need extra support to get the blood all the way there. That's why valves work in the veins. But they are only active during muscle work - so if you sit for 8 hours, the valves do not help the heart pump blood. You force your heart to get all the work done alone, day after day, year after year.

At some point you realise your feet swell in the evenings - this is a serious signal that the lymphatic system and circulatory system can not handle the strain anymore. Usually, people think about how to get rid of edema, they buy a series of lymphatic massages that remove the swelling, but do not remove the cause. And worst of all, they do not think about the heart, which is breaking down from pushing 6 liters of blood through the narrow tubes of blood vessels, often still clogged with cholesterol every day. So you take pills to lower cholesterol, to thin the blood, to seal the walls of veins and arteries, you try to buy yourself a good health. All the while it would be enough to work out for only one hour, 3 or 4 times a week.


Are your knees hurting, does your spine hurt? Maybe not yet, maybe you still have a chance to avoid it. Bones and joints can ache for a number of reasons, most often due to bad posture, osteoporosis and overweight-induced overload. You can eliminate all this with exercises. This is a big topic, so let's limit ourselves to the telegraphic shortcut.

Bones begin to lose calcium after 30 years, but you can slow this process down by as much as 75%!

If you are overweight, be aware that it destroys your hips and knees. How much extra kilograms do you carry? 6? Do you think that's not so much? During your next grocery shopping take 3 potato nets, each 2kg, and continue shopping, holding this weight all the time. When you have had enough, put the nets away and remember the feeling of relief that will wash over you.

At the end - few words about the posture. If you do not partake in any sport, you have a sitting job, then you almost certainly have bad posture, even if you had the correct posture in your youth. Currently, it is one of the basic civilization diseases. It does not kill in a spectacular way, but at first makes you suffer from headaches, possibly ending in serious problems with walking. You can avoid it by practicing for an hour a day, 3-4 times a week.




Any physical activity allows you to burn calories and makes you slimmer in the process. Slim, strong body is a good look on everybody and in any outfit. At the gym you can get rid of complexes about having fat arms, abdomen and thighs, flat butt or sunken chest.


do you believe that creams and gels will dissolve 4th degree cellulite? We have bad news, unfortunately they won’t. The only natural and healthy way to get rid of it is to burn it through regular training. But there are also good news - the movement activates our circulatory system, making the capillaries efficiently nourish every cell and at the same time remove the harmful byproducts of metabolism - thanks to this cellulite disappears, but also the complexion becomes smoother and radiant.


If you belong to a group of people who really want to start training, but they still can not start for important reasons such as the gym being too far, or needing to buy a pass despite not knowing if you are going to stick to it or being afraid of being too out of shape to start etc.

Dear visitor, if you decided to spend a week or two by Polish seaside and you have chosen our hotel, we strongly encourage you to take this opportunity and try our equipment - completely free (as part of the stay), at any time (as long as it’s not during the quiet hours of the night) and without the risk that a friend will see you in a tracksuit.