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safety at the hotel

High quality of service and the satisfaction of our guests have always been a priority for us. In the face of the challenge of dealing with the coronavirus, we would like to inform you that we are constantly monitoring all reports on SARS-CoV-2 and observing the situation both domestically and around the world.

For the sake of your safety, the staff of our hotel uses all preventive measures to reduce the risk of the potential threat of coronavirus as much as possible.

Therefore, we have undertaken a number of actions:

  • DISINFECTION ZONES - in the reception hall / lobby, at the entrance to the restaurant and at the entrance to the toilets, there are points equipped with disinfectant liquids. Each room has hand sanitizers..
  • SAFE DISTANCE RULE - all guests are required to keep a safe distance, especially during check-in, but also during the entire stay.
  • DISINFECTION OF COMMON AREAS - regular disinfection of public areas.
  • EMPLOYEES - our employees are obliged to systematically disinfect hands and their work stations.
  • CLEANING OF ROOMS - due to the limitation of direct contact between employees and guests, cleaning takes place on request when guests are not present in the room.
  • PROHIBITION OF VISITS - an absolute ban on unregistered persons staying in the hotel room.
  • RESTAURANT - operates in a sanitary regime, including the ban on organizing buffet meals.
  • CLOSED ZONES - some of the common areas are closed: fitness room, children's playroom, Xbox games room, room with table tennis.
  • REFUSAL OF ACCOMMODATION - the hotel has the right to refuse to accommodate a guest with medical symptoms, as well as may suspend the reception of guests in the event of suspected presence of an infected person on the premises of the hotel. In this situation, the hotel may be closed by sanitary services.
  • FORMS OF PAYMENT - preferred non-cash transactions, e.g. pre-payment to the account or card payment.
  • Prohibited use of hotel blower dryers. 

Dear Guests, we hope that in this difficult period we will all follow rules that limit the threat and ensure common security..

Wind Hotel Director